Viewer discretion advised. According to Zobia Meer who posted this on her youtube channel, her brother is beating his elderly mother with his wife. Apparently property and cash dispute and they ran away with papers and money. According to Zoobia, Punjab Police is refusing to register FIR.

Viewer discretion advised. According to Zobia Meer who posted this on her youtube channel, her brother is beating his elderly mother with his wife. Apparently property and cash dispute and they ran away with papers and money. According to Zoobia, Punjab Police is refusing to register FIR.

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  1. Way too disturbing. I dont care what the mother did but under no circumstances he can beat her like that. Pakistanis want change but wont change themselves.

  2. Fuck man. That’s disturbing. I am against any sort of human violence. But this is way next level. Only people who have lost their loving mom’s can understand who disturbing this is. Fuck that guy. Fuck him.

  3. Piece of shit human being that wasting our oxygen…deserves to rot in hell. How can you beat someone who brought and raised you in this world?

  4. Can someone give me his address so I can beat the shit out of him since the police are doing nothing about this ill take matters into my own hands, wtf who beats their elderly sick mother in front of their wife and proceeds to beat her too? absolutely sick I would say more but times out.

  5. And may god not give us a wife who would encourage beating our moms and sisters and vice versa. This used to be pretty common in villages.

    Allah aisi daulat sey bhi bachaye, have personally suffered due to wealth disputes and still dealing with it. No matter how much you love and respect, some people just get blinded by money.

  6. What is happening is not right on any level, as our mothers are worthy of our utmost respect and that is what Allah S.W.T has enjoined us to do as well. It is part of being a true Muslim. I wish I didn’t have to see this at all. This guy needs a chitrol of his own, beating your own mother is just ABOMINABLE…That’s why men have been given higher status than women, because they have the capacity to rise above their emotions and use their heads in times of crises and chaos.

    However, it’s important to speak truth to power….these Pakistani mothers are no angels themselves. Listen to the conversation and you will know it is not all about property.

    It’s such a vicious cycle in Pakistan…women get married and get really abused by their in-laws….when they have sons they consider their sons as their saviors and invest all their love and energy in them…then the sons get married and all hell breaks lose…now the same loving mother becomes the abuser…the sons can’t leave the house or their mothers, to start their own life…if the mother is a widow, she will keep all the family finances in her hands and make the son dependent on her…lavishing him with expensive stuff, the best room in the house, all liberties and privileges but all of this is conditional on that he will not leave her and no matter what happens he will take the mother’s side…even if it means he has to abuse his own wife….and ALL Pakistani women suffer from major anxiety and depression disorders…to add fuel to fire, these women sit at home and get trained in the art of deception and manipulation by the Pakistani drams which help shape the psyche of the average Pakistani woman….and then they transfer it to the next generation. We need a mental health revolution in Pakistan…

  7. Even if my mother asked for my life, I would not question her and give it. You need a heart darker than hell to be this ruthless like this man. It takes a heart darker than hell to do what he is doing, and that is not natural. I don’t know what is the reason that Allah allowed this man’s heart to turn into coal.

    However, I’ve seen a few such cases very close. And they often turn out to be black magic. You may or may not believe it, but it does exist, and it does work. I am not defending any of this, I wish that Allah protects us all from this evil thing.

    This man and his wife should be punished for their action. And may Allah protect us all from this great fitnah and keep our hearts away from even the smallest of evils.

  8. Any man who can hit his own mother is unable to love or treat anything with respect. Such slums of the planet should be thrown in jail. No matter what his dispute is, there are some boundaries you never cross. I have tears in my eyes.

  9. Interesting to see *this* causing outrage, **if it was his wife being beaten** instead of his mother, *no one* would bat an eye, since domestic abuse is *pretty much* **acceptable** in our culture, sad but ***true***.

    **On the topic of the video, I’m going to play devil’s advocate; I don’t think the son is entirely in the wrong, and here’s why…**

    **If the** ***son’s wife*** **is to be believed:**

    * The mother was grabbing her son’s **private parts**, whilst his sister was **beating him** with “***sticks”*** and “***wipers”*** and even **broke his glasses**, he acted purely in *self defence,* and it would explain those **specific curses** he decided to use.
    * His mother and sister were **hiding the son’s 2 year old daughter’s milk bottle, milk, etc.**
    * His mother and/or sister **attacked the son’s pregnant wife, striking her in her “*****private parts”*****, and then proceeded to attack the son’s daughter, before attacking him.**
    * The mother and/or daughter **vandalised their Car & TV.**
    * They **stole their property papers, gold, cash & ATM cards**

    **Some interesting points:**

    * The person behind the camera thought it be best to **prioritise filming over intervening** and stopping the son’s attack.
    * The son’s wife account of the story is incredibly clear and concise, **she maintains eye contact with the camera throughout**, and she **swears on her child’s life** that her testimony of how the events unfolded are *true*.
    * The mother/daughter during their interviews **find it very difficult to maintain eye contact**, their eyes wander all over the place, this usually is an indication of someone **not being entirely truthful**.

    **The son shouldn’t have resorted to violence, but I think it would be foolish for us to assume that the mother/sister are free from any wrongdoing. If the wife is telling the truth about her, her daughter and him being attacked and grabbed by his “private parts”** *(Trump style),* **then I do think the self defence is somewhat justifiable.**

    *Video Sources & interviews* *:* [*Link 1*](***,*** [*Link 2*](

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