Those who think the government had nothing to do with the decrease in Covid19 cases need to read this thread.

Those who think the government had nothing to do with the decrease in Covid19 cases need to read this thread.

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  1. Ok but everyone here has been saying that no one in Pakistan is wearing masks or practicing social distancing. There were even mass gatherings taking place without good precautions. Shouldn’t it have continued spiking?

  2. I really don’t know honestly. IK did an excellent job of saving the economy along with ensuring people weren’t falling into poverty during the lockdown.

    But I had family that was in a hotzone of infections. They were not enforced nor required to quarentine at all. They quarentined anyway and surprisingly the rest of the neighborhood also got infected despite trying as best as they could to remove any contact voluntarily.

    And i mean they quarentined heavily. No one saw eachother for a solid month and only 1 person was allowed to leave per home to buy stuff. But it was all voluntarily. Government didn’t do much besides provide a good website for information as well as testing information.

    I’m thinking maybe no one’s following procedures because only localized lockdowns are required to?

    I will say they definitely tried their best to handle it all given the variables and global situation.

  3. People in Kashmir(Indian one) are saying.

    Khudayan bachov Pakistan Imran seab Imaan wajah seith.

    Translation:- God saved Pakistan because of Imran Khan’s noble character

  4. Mods. Just pin that “*cases are exploding in Pakistan any information to the contrary is fake news and the whole country is too dumb anyhow to be able to count it properly.”*

    Sanghis, liberals, and goras will be mollified aur idhar sukoun ah jahay ga.

  5. This was honestly the biggest success story this government has achieved so far. It wasn’t blind luck or some mysterious unknown factor that saved Pakistan, it was an organised militarised response.

    Middle class Pakistanis sitting on their sofas watching Netflix were screaming for the full lockdown and asking for IK’s head. But he knew the impact it would have on the common people that have to leave the house every day, to do some basic work to survive.

  6. No proper serosurvey has been conducted anywhere in Pakistan. Only seroprevalence studies can tell the extract extend of the spread of the disease and also shed some light on its progression. Globally, once the virus hits a critical number, it’s almost impossible to eradicate it. You can only slow it down. And the information for the extent of deceleration can be gauged from serosurveys.
    In delhi, for example, seroprevalence was 23 percent at starting of July and 29 percent at the starting of August. That implies almost 60 lakh people have been infected and have antibodies for covid, and that’s just in delhi. The official count from the resting figures is just 1.25 lakh. You need to have serosurveys. Otherwise, it’s just conjecture. God knows, pakistan would have already reached critical herd immunity figure in terms of infection.

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