Situation in Asia rn:

Situation in Asia rn:

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  1. [China is going full Asian dad on India. ](

    First phanti and then a long lecture explaining why they deserved the phanti.

    And all the poor Indians did was just try to walk over to the land that had been under their control up until last week… lol

    Meanwhile Pakistan gets treated like a golden child by China even though for a hot minute we were letting Uighurs go to train for jihad in Turkey. 😂

  2. China gave India such a phainty that the Indians on twitter saying its the worse since 1975. Aur khelo China k saath. India is only good in bullying Kashmiris and smaller nations.

  3. I’m an indian here on this sub and this shit is funny for sure.

    If you’re reading this I ask you as a brother, a friend, let’s stop this hatred we see around us. We all are in grave danger already.

  4. I’m not saying this as a Pakistani but I’m saying this as a person with more than 2 brain cells. Modi is a fucking idiot. He literally took an India that was on the verge of becoming an economic superpower all he had to do was shut up and play nice with the west and China. The Neanderthal couldn’t even manage that. Let’s take a look at his track record:
    – He slowed down the economic beast Singh had built and then decided to do his demonetization bullshit which screwed India.
    – He built a foreign policy to be a strongman and vowed to isolate Pakistan except due to his BS bullying he forced his close allies of Sri Lanka and Nepal running away. Afghanistan is about to get a pro Pakistan government while India is surrounded by two hostile (China, Pakistan) and three unfriendly (Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh) neighbours.
    – Modi vows to turn India into a superpower and pounds his chest like a gorilla when the IAF bombs a few trees in Pakistan and then puts his tail in between his legs when Pakistan retaliates or China shows aggression.

    I legit don’t know why Pakistanis hate on Modi the man is a legit moron and is tearing India apart on his own.

  5. Go China!

    This hegemonic bully needs to be taught a lesson. These haramis wanted to take over neighboring countries by force and implement their “secularism”. Only thing they know is how to lynch and rape muslims in Hindustan.

    This country has a problem with all it’s neighbors. They don’t have concept of understanding peace even if they portray themselves to be peaceful. This is just the beginning Hindu terrorists will expose them selves more as times passes. Pakistan should be ready as well because they will try to divert attention towards Pakistan.

  6. Vrooo, do you really think Chinaaa, that hid its total Covid-19 count is ever gonna release an official number which may or may not be greater than India, publicly?
    I think everyone here is educted enough to think upon that. It’s communism, propaganda is root of it.

  7. Same Pakistan who exports terrorism and their women to China? Because they are in a debt trap and are left with no choice but to serve their chinese masters. So worried about Kashmiris but cant speak about Uighur muslims because China daddy wont pay them anymore lol.

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