PUBG temporarily banned in Pakistan

PUBG temporarily banned in Pakistan

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  1. Actual useful things that will help the country
    PTA: we don’t do that here

    Entertainment for the public

  2. Well everyone dreams of the good ol days, so here they are. They didnt have pubg in the 50s or 60s, everyone’s dream Pakistani era. So one step closer.

    Pretty sure I am going to get death threats now.

  3. PTA is the most garbage thing in Pakistan. Thirsty boomers sitting on their chairs banning everything that doesn’t make sense to them. I don’t play PUBG but this blanket ban garbage needs to end.

  4. Well this is the stupidest thing I saw today. If you think Pubg is addictive, so is candy crush. And lots of other games. People are addicted to tv, social media and other things, but the only thing you ban is Pubg.
    If you think that Pubg is making teens violent or anything, clearly you don’t know anything about games. Pubg has cartoony graphics and shitty effects. If you ban Pubg, why don’t you ban other shooter games like CoD, Battlefield etc.

    Lastly, I’d recommend you to play “No Russian” mission in Call of Duty MW2. ( Or watch it on YouTube.

  5. I for one think that we should ban the soap operas also. Too much focus on domestics violence ,divorcing and arranged marriage .

    Lets make our population worshipping of devil practices important.

  6. So what is the justification? Health? They already banned VPNs too. So whats next? Netflix, Steam, Facebook, Youtube (again)?

    PTA is fucking cancer, and a completely unjustified tax payer borne expense. It sickens me to see Pakistan step backwards. We make fun of India over this kind of shit, yet we do the same. Like they arrested Balochi kids for protesting against no internet, and the media barely covered it. As much as we hate to admit it, the government mentality is identical on both sides of the border.

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