Prime Minister Imran Khan’s appeal to the people on Eid-ul-Adha to ensure implementation of SOPs. There is a risk of increase in Corona cases if precautions are not taken on Eid-ul-Adha.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s appeal to the people on Eid-ul-Adha to ensure implementation of SOPs. There is a risk of increase in Corona cases if precautions are not taken on Eid-ul-Adha.

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  1. If you’ve ever watched a Facebook live segment from any Pakistani news source the live comments are 99% “jute hain”

    So you can bet they are gonna give like zero fucks.

  2. Wtf is this bullshit , why are the army personnel in N95 masks while the hospital staff , who basically deal with patients and highest risk groups , in normal masks ? . You telling me that a high grade army officer has people coughing on him 8 hrs a day and is doing life saving procedures?, hes not even wearing it right, it’s supposed to form a perfect seal on your face , yet it’s extremely lose on the nasal bridge from what I can see in the video. The general public deasnt need N95 masks normal face masks are okay. reserve them for the Hospital staff you dimwits!

  3. What SOP’s? Today I went to funeral of a relative, at least 1000 people prayer, no 6 feet distance like 40-50 people with masks and about 10-15 actually following SOP’s. Rest of the bunch along with diseased family member never bothered.

  4. I’m just waiting for the inevitable surge in cases for about a week, and then all the liberal doomers on here screeching into their panties as they cry for PPP to overthrow Immi boi, before it goes to normal again and then claim the government is hiding the cases and under testing.

  5. this honestly irks me lol, whenever he addresses the nation he acts like a principal talking to school kids. Pakistanis, especially those not following SOPs, are idiots that don’t even believe covid is real; they don’t wear masks now, why does he expect his “address” to change that lmao, most Pakistanis that don’t follow SOPs are already suspicious of his govt.

  6. Everything is fine but what the actual f*ck is the army doing? Like legit? When other countries have press conferences there’s like civil people around infront, but here……idk how the people can have eyes and still not see what’s really going on…. It’s like they’re babysitting 😂…..

  7. Government: We will impose a hard lockdown

    People: Nooooo !!! Poor folks won’t be able to survive

    Government: We have Ehsas program that could help supplement some income. Support the program please and this program will help decrease some burden on the poor folks

    People: No ! Open the economy.

    Government: Okay, but follow the instructions and SOPs because if not, countless people could die.

    People: Yes.. All poor folks /s lined up outside Khadhi because their Special COVID sale is to die for.

    Government: Follow the SOPs.

    People: COVID is not real. Yahoodi sazish. Bill Gates funded the whole thing.

    People: Oh no !!! Government incompetent. The worst government ever. Look how much poor folks are suffering. They can’t even afford to get tested.. We are losing money. Look at dollar price. We will hoard them dollars. Why government increase petrol prices. Boohoo..

    The problem with people is that they don’t follow nor listen to gentle and kind words. They take it as a sign of weakness. The biggest blunder Immi bhai did is to went through a smart lockdown rather than doing a full on hard lockdown. He should have seek Army and Rangers to control the folks because this is what majority likes. An iron fist up their poop shoot 24/7. After a month, Immi should have imposed a smart lockdown with strict guidelines. Any person without a mask will be shot on sight, for instance /s

    In Pakistan, people will always bring in the poor narrative and then cry out for lack of support. They will oppose the policies and refuse to make amends. Take new fuel guidelines for instance. Companies straight out refused to switch. People wanted the environment to get better. Lower smog, better air quality and what not, but when the time came for action, everyone backed off.

    In short, the Nation is not truthful to the country. Anyone tries to make a change is always sidelined. It boils down to profit. People continue to support a policy, or a law as long as it fills their pockets no matter of they are rich or poor. They don’t care about Pakistan or its future. They all look for short term gains and that’s it.

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