Pakistan as compared to other Muslim-majority countries around the world.

Pakistan as compared to other Muslim-majority countries around the world.

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  1. Feel proud of it! Death is just a start of the eternal life and those who think of it a joke will be the most worried and the most distressed when they wake up and face the truth of the world.

  2. Man we are not talking the right steps at all. Supermarkets are crowded, no social distancing anywhere, mosques open, schools saying to open by the 31st of june. Pakistan is in for a really really bad time

  3. Initially, all the “Big” muftis, including the most knowledgeable of them all, Mufti Taqi Usmani said the mosques should be closed. But our society and these “Muslims” have an issue with however does not say what they want to hear, hence the protests and beating up cops and shit like that. It’s not something they’ve agreed on willingly but they have been forced by these illiterate “Muslims” who rebelled against the government. As for the other Ulema who disagreed upon closing mosques, that’s an issue of difference of opinion, common among scholars and completely acceptable. But it could have been better if our society was more rational when listening to those who are clearly more educated and if we only had one Grand Mufti making these decisions for the government.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Pakistanis from back home generally aren’t the brightest bunch, they think they can pray the Coronavirus away lol. I’ve heard a few Pakistanis say something along the lines of “Masjid kohl do, Allah khatam karega“. Religious sentiments makes people defy logic and common sense.

    Reminds me of when the doctor told my mum that she’s borderline diabetic and if she continues to consume an excess amount of sugar she’ll become diabetic. Guess what she did? Yup, you guessed it, she still consumed an excess amount of sugar and became diabetic lol.

    At a certain point you’re just asking for it

  5. Unfortuantely, problem with our people is that whenever we see any situation like this only then our emaan rises to its peak. Like seriously no one usually cares about praying five times even at home but now they have to go to the mosques.

  6. From what I read and saw earlier, a meeting was held with President of Pakistan, Health Minister, and Ulama from all schools of thought, and a 20 point agenda was agreed upon unanimously, which was then read by President in a press conference.


    So what’s the issue here?

  7. Mullah gravy train is running out, so they act like freaking children to get people to the mosques and get donations in. Just stop your families and friends from going, that is all you can do at this point.

    Having armed guards at entrances will exacerbate the congestion. The only other method is see which mullahs are holding prayers and arrest them after services.

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