Needed to be said.

Needed to be said.

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  1. Patwari and jiyalay united in remaining closet supporters, but come out like locusts for “what did NS do?” & “nice ishpeeeech Bilawal”

    Tbh this shows in Che logon main thori bohot tau sharam hai abhi tak 😂

  2. If you criticize only him then it does mean you support them, retard.

    Or if you started your days of criticism with IK then it absolutely means you support them.

    If you were silent during their terms then it absolutely means you support them.

    If you criticize IK for their misdeeds then again you support them, idiot. (Recent example: PIA)

    Most of the shit you criticize IK is their fault, yet you criticize IK.

  3. NGL, even though her cheez ki khichri ban rahi he, it cannot be denied ke salo ka begar itne kum waqt me sahi nahi hosakta. IK in apne apko overestimate ker ke criticism ka nishana banaya he. Regardless, i still support and respect his sentiments despite criticizing him.

  4. Pakistanis really need to understand this phenomenon. If you criticise one they will automatically think you support the other. Ajeeb ghulaaamana zehniyat hai.

  5. I face same problem whenever i criticise PTI gov. Even i voted for Imran khan.criticising pti automatically made you pmln or ppp supporters in their eyes.

    We have no concept of criticism our own is one reason of failure of political system.we blindly follow our favourite leaders no matter what they do.

    It is same in pti pmln and ppp.

  6. I have never supported any political party. So far in the history of Pakistan, this is the MOST incompetent government ever. Such a downfall in the economy has never been faced by our country, under the reign of any other government or military leader.
    I won’t comment on the budget released this year. But a smart person can conceive the insinuation that this budget implies.
    If it comes to LOGICAL arguments, tbh supporters of pti don’t have a leg to stand on. Government employees can relate, my own father is a government employee. He and countless other servants only know how the government servants are suffering under current government. The current inflation is the worst in the history of Pakistan for the daily wage workers (mazdoors). Such languish, as is the situation, has never been faced by the common man during any reign in the country’s history.
    Previous governments WERE corrupt, but always had “somewhat substantial” progress they could flex and show to the people. This government sadly, has “almost none”. All previous governments have held their fair share of hypocrisy. This government has descended to lowest standards in hypocrisy.
    It aches me to see my country in this state. I hope our country prospers, regardless of who leads the government.
    Pakistan Zindabad!

  7. Imran Khan’s govt has disappointed me again and again. But the thing is that the other option is the Shareefs or the Zardaris. Even after all the missteps and sometimes sheer stupidity of the IK govt, I see no other option .

  8. Its important to substantiate your criticism and flesh it out thoroughly and give your alternative. Otherwise it is just criticism for the sake of criticism. One cannot sit on both-sides of the fence and criticize. An example is that lets say you oppose lock-down. Now if the lock-down is not implemented than do you go on to criticize free movement? Unfortunately this is what has been happening, and it tells us that it is opposition for the sake of opposition because of blind hatred.

    A wise man once said, your criticism cannot be just unless you have some degree of empathy with your subject. (Think about it)

  9. It’s still pretty bigoted of people to criticize IK so strongly when so many were silent through a decade of embarrassing politics and dangerous plundering. Just because you criticize IK and also dislike NS/AZ doesn’t automatically mean you have some real nuanced insight. Not if you didn’t give any shits until IK showed up

  10. Ah, this post reminds me of a funny incident. I met and talked to a guy during a long commute on public transport. He started like this and went on criticizing IK.

    He had no clear ideological view. Every 5 minutes, he would change colors. Pacifist -> Aggressive nationalist -> anti-military -> secular liberal -> pro-military -> Islamist -> religious bigot.

    He was just grasping onto straws in order to convince others that IK was the worst things to happen to Pakistan. After every 3 or 4 sentences he would repeat that he was not a Zardari or Sharif supporter.

    Near the end of the ‘conversation’, he inadvertently repeated some 2 or 3 PML-N Twitter talking points. When asked about that he became emotional about his love for Nawaz Sharif and N-league. Since he had mentioned his dad as a reference multiple times for his views and criticisms I asked him about him as well. He refused to talk further.

    A google search revealed that his dad was a political appointee in the bureaucracy during PPP’s tenure and laer on was investigated for flouting rules and suspected of being an accomplice to some corruption scandal.

    His dad’s name had later been used by some PTI leaders during campaigning as an example of bad apples.

  11. Who will be criticize in our country whom honest with country and people of Pakistan because he want to change our mind set and environment which has been damaged by previous political parties like Zardari and Shareef

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