Meet Rahul Dev, our first fighter Pilot from Hindu community

Meet Rahul Dev, our first fighter Pilot from Hindu community

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  1. So is he Hindu and fights for Pakistan?

    Don’t get this because I always tought only Muslims (or maybe even Shiks) fight for Pakistan, but Hindus?

    Sorry I’m from Europe that why I have no idea?

  2. I’m sure Indian intelligence is trying some sort of shit to get to him lol. I hope he is patriotic enough not to be influenced by the evil forces out there.

  3. Why on Earth is the comment section turning into a debate of Sindhi vs the rest ffs. We are all Pakistani. Idc if you Sindhi, pathan, Punjabi or one of the other ethnicities. Just do you damn job!

    And remember

    yeh sarzameen Islam ke naam pe Abad hai or yahan har mazhab or firqay ke log rehtain hey or rahain gey. Hum sub Pakistan Hain! 🇵🇰

  4. Thats great news. But what I wonder is that if, god forbid, his planes ever goes down (which happens almost regularly in PAF during training exercises, specially in the ancient F-7) and he passes away, will the PAF declare him a ‘Shaheed’ like every other Muslim pilot that ever passed away during a training exercise?

  5. Not to hate but India’s 10th air chief Marshall was Muslim. He served from 1978 to 1981. You guys are kinda late. But progress is progress. Got to start somewhere right.

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