4 Replies to “Kashmir and Balochistan: Will Pakistan own up to rights abuses? | UpFront (Full)”

  1. Since our media is more focused on more political propagandas than the core issues of Pakistan. Mehdi Hassan is a very good journalist and I’m glad he’s the one interviewing our **Human Rights Minister**. I know the areas of discussion on this subreddit and it’s not bad or that biased tbh. But I think we really need to raise awareness about these issues. Are our politics, ideology and motivation just based on if we’re doing better than India?

  2. Human rights abuses definitely exist in Balochistan and must be addressed, but let’s not further push Indian propaganda by accepting the “Kashmir and Balochistan are the same” line.

    I am talking about the Indian government trying to link Kashmir and Baluchistan together, to try and make it seem like we are doing the same thing they are doing, which is opresse a group of people who want independence.

    Comparing seperatism in Balochistan to seperatism in Kashmir is like comparing an ant to a whale, and I am not exaggerating. Seperatism in balochistan exists in the fringes of society, and through support from our neighbor they have the capability to carry out attacks. Majority of baloch people simply want issues addressed but are happy being pakistanis.

    Seperatism in Kashmir is the mainstream line of thought for a majority of kashmiris.

    Kashmiris did not want to join India at partition. Out of all the princely states of Balochistan, only one containing 20% of the areas population was against joining.

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