Karachi Stock Exchange under attack. Reports of firing and explosions.

Karachi Stock Exchange under attack. Reports of firing and explosions.

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  1. #1 Video showing the attackers trying to enter the building: [](

    #2 Video showing at least two attackers killed by PSX guards/policemen at the entrance. Rangers entering the building to clear it: [](

    Geo reporting all 4 terrorists have been killed. 2 guards and 1 policemen may have been martyred.

    Unconfirmed: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claiming responsibility for Karachi Stock Exchange attack. BLA says its Majeed Brigade (consisting of suicide attackers) carried out the attack. [#Pakistan]( Source: [](

    Edit 4: For those that don’t know, BLA is an Indian-backed terrorist organization.

  2. How shit does your terror team have to be if they can’t penetrate security by literally obese part-time officers. Especially when you’ve got grenade launchers and assault rifles.

    Hats off to the security team. Hopefully, there is a bloody retaliation for this.
    Security leak to investigate hona nahi hai 😉

  3. I bet some of our desi liberal have posted their names calling them missing persons and blaming pak army for that.

    Missing person? More like terrorist in training

  4. As per Wikipedia:

    >Indian newspaper, The Hindu, reported that the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) commanders, in the past, had sought medical treatment in India’s hospitals, often under disguise or with fake identity. In one such case, a militant commander in charge of Khuzdar city was based in Delhi for at least six months in 2017 where he underwent extensive treatment for kidney-related ailments.[36] Baloch militants visits to India were often under assumed identities.[36] Similarly, another Baloch Liberation Army commander, **Aslam Baloch alias Achu, was also alleged to have visited India in the past where he met people who were sympathetic to his cause**.[36] Previously, Express Tribune, had reported that Aslam Baloch was undergoing a treatment at a Max hospital in New Delhi.[37]
    >Pakistan has often accused the BLA of being an Indian proxy, and Indian consulates in Kandahar and Jalalabad, Afghanistan, for providing arms, training and financial aid to the BLA in an attempt to destabilize Pakistan.[38][39]
    >**Afghanistan has acknowledged that they have been providing covert support to Baloch Liberation Army.** After the death of Aslam Baloch alias Achu in Kandahar, Afghan officials stated that the Afghan police chief Abdul Raziq Achakzai has housed Aslam Baloch and other separatist in Kandahar for years.[6] Moreover, Afghan news channel, Tolonews reported that Aslam Baloch has been residing in Afghanistan since 2005.[41]

  5. The blood of victims is also on the hands of Nida Kirmani and her leftist comrades. The state should take notice of these anti-state pseudo intellectuals. These fools were giving platform to Mama qadir and other sympathisers of anti-state groups.

  6. Is no one going to point out that they came with a Toyota sedan? Like damn and it looked in a good condition too. These dudes were planning a luxury stay. You’d expect them to come in motorbikes or in a Mehran.

  7. Lmao being heavily armed 4 man team and only getting 2 kills. I’ve seen CSGO noobs with better K/D ratios haha India is a such a shit ally even when it wants to help terrorists.

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