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  1. If only we had Olympics training facilities in our schools, so that the minds of our younger generations could be put to something useful, instead of wasting time.

    If this guy had been in USA or Australia, he would have had a scholarship on his hands, if he was breaking records.

    Sadly we have done nothing in this field

  2. He’s a fisherman and a tiktoker I have been following him for quite some time now. I always wished that someone please notice him. People with such talent aren’t appriciated much on tiktok 🤦‍♂️

  3. Woah, the width for a CD 70 is 751mm as per google. That probably accounts for the handle bar. You divide that by three to get, 250mm approximating for bike seat width, that into 11 bikes comes to 2750mm…. that’s about 9.02 Feet. World Olympic record is at 8.95 feet.

    You don’t need to train this guy.

  4. I believe Faizan Lakhani tweeted about this kid. He’s from Thatta and the concerned sports federation has reached out to him in the aftermath of his exploits being shared on social media.

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