Exams ban karo unkay pressure main bhi students suicide karletay

Exams ban karo unkay pressure main bhi students suicide karletay

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  1. I don’t play PUBG but banning it makes no sense. If anything that can be controlled through self control it should not be banned. If this isn’t the case then why not ban cigarettes.

  2. Games harne ki wjah se koi suicide nhi krta. Agr woh krta hai to us bnday ka dimaghi tawazun darasut nhi.
    Ye jin larkon ne suicide ki hogi woh mental depression ka shikar hn ge. Lekin humari society in chezoon pe yaqeen rakhti hi nhi.
    Asal masla jo ke depression hai uske bare me baat cheet krne ki bjaye ek game pe ilzaam lga dia ke nhi humare bchay depressed nhi thay woh is game ki wjah se unhon ne suicide ki hai.

  3. Fuck lol – not giving the youth any creative outlet growing up. Forcing them to take standardized test and pressure to get good grades. Emotionally blackmailing parents who dont do anything but criticize a kid when they are growing up. In the end the grades don’t matter since Nepotism dominates our society. What else will we do than kill ourselves? There is 0 opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.

    Banning a video game makes total sense. Fucking Pakistani boomers are the worst

  4. Don’t you know everything desi parents do is out of love even when they would force their child to do what they want and not what the kid wants career choice, forcing you to marry someone they want.

    Whenever they disregard their child’s mental health, keep comparing him/her with someone else’s kid, getting beaten and shamed in front of other for lower grades. All that is out of love but yep a violent game will make you suicidal when it’s literally the opposite.

    Most of the time these game helped escape from these negative emotions.

  5. Pakistanis just dont want to accept that depression is an actual thing and it sucks, but they will put the blame on a mobile game even when the person’s (RIP) note stated depression. Mard bano mard.

  6. According to the notice issued by PAT Pubg is banned because it wastes alot of time and has negative mental effects. Haan bhai ab apke nojwan sara din books aur journals e prhnge. They blocked porn sites a few years back and look at it now, Pakistan is among the top viewing porn countries in the world. Aur krlo personal life main interfere, ab humein kya krna kya nahi yeh b hloomat btaegi k is trh tkme spend kro. Still dont understand why they wont talk on issues kike harassment, fraud etc but will ban pubg because of their boomer logic. Fuck PTA i dont even want to write anymore.

    What we can do is email at asking them to revert the policy since the decision will come at 10th July wether to ban it permanently or not.

  7. Literally no point…… The post is very true, ban exams they cause suicide, its pointless like this. People should be given a healthy environment in there house and a human must be sane enough to not die over a game.

  8. Well, never was a fan of PUBG, imo it has crappy graphics and effects but yeah it was a pleasurable escape for thousands of people. And it’s wasn’t as violent as some other games.

    People get addicted when there is no productive outlet for them. So instead of banning a game why don’t you do what actually needs to be done. Sprinkle some money on Youth development and nation wide mental health awareness campaign. That would be a commendable act.

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