Eid Prayer in Karachi

Eid Prayer in Karachi

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  1. for the information to all this pic has been taken from the 8th floor, so it looks like everyone’s stand close but isn’t there was 6 ft gap on each one of them.

  2. That’s…not how social distancing works…I honestly hope no one there was already sick, because a bunch of them will be now.

    Edit: I get you guys want to be able to pray etc, but being grouped up like that spreads disease. 6 feet is from an individual not a group of 100. A sneeze will travel 26+ feet. Coughs are similar. If you think 6 feet in a group is going to work, you and your friends and family will pay the price.

  3. Pakistan must be the only country in the world where this kind of prayer is happening. The mullahs basically bent the rules of congregational prayer to get people into mosques.

    Does anyone know if such distanced prayers are being performed in the arab countries?

  4. Even if there is a 6 ft gap, that is still a big crowd. I mean knowing who and where you prayed for help with contact tracing but mitigate the risk first.

    Also for the people saying its a “Fauj ka ilaka”. Bhai Fauj itni achi hai to provide some damn masks.

  5. What a sight! ماشاللہ
    One can also sense that’s how we will be laid down in our graves eventually. Now you see us and now you don’t. May Allah forgives all of us and accepts our prayers. Ameen.

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