Customs duty on import of electric vehicles’ parts reduced to 1pc

Customs duty on import of electric vehicles’ parts reduced to 1pc

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  1. Can someone explain this paragraph. What are non/localised parts?

    >Under the policy, the government has reduced customs duty to 1pc on the import of CKD for electric vehicles. However, the rate of customs duty will be 15pc on the import of non-localized parts, while the rate of duty will be 15pc plus additional customs duty on localized parts.

  2. I wish they’d do the same for hybrids. Like, why the hell not do it for hybrids. Because realistically, how many people living in Pakistan can own an Electric vehicle? Currently. Not that many. But a lot of people own Hybrids, whose parts are insanely expensive to buy because of duties. Considering the extremely low number of electric car owners, this feels like a blatant PR move and nothing else. Because they must be aware of the fact that barely anyone will be able to take advantage of it right now… Right?

    I know a big reason for this move probably has to do with the environment and stuff, which this government or at least IK seems to care a lot about. And its good publicity for them as well. If they do something similar for Hybrids, I believe that it will have an actual tangible effect for that cause. Cuz more and more people will actually realistically start thinking about buying a hybrid. Which again, are easier for a Pakistani to purchase than an electric.

  3. ?????
    So I’m supposed to import the parts and assemble the car like it’s Ikea furniture??? What’s the point of reducing taxes on parts if there’s no locally manufactured (pre-built) equivalent.

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