Breaking news, suicide rate drops to Zero after PUBG gets banned.

Breaking news, suicide rate drops to Zero after PUBG gets banned.

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  1. Actually they did good.
    Young generation being ruined by Pubg and Tiktok.
    For god’s sake we should get serious about our studies and careers. And Pubg is a waste of time. Occasional gaming is fine but Pubg is straight addiction and wanna be cool guys thing.

  2. the problem with pubg is that it’s too easily available. I’m an avid gamer and I don’t think it should be banned. but it’s just too infectious. jidr bhi jao koi na koi pubg khail rha hota hy. dukan my jao to dulandaar apas my lgy hoty hy.

  3. A lot of my friends have switched to COD now. Previously it would take atleast a minute to fill a team, now press start and you are already in the game. Too many people switching to it.

    Banning PUBG is not the solution when there are other games the public will jump into.

  4. I remember my father took away the power cable of the PC, those things are specific to power supplies. I used a wire, attached plug on one end, and tied the wires into the socket pins. I’m sure I’m not alone.

    These boomers will never learn, they haven’t ever been able to suppress the youth. We should keep highlighting this event and every single stupidity so at some point they flip and do something totally nuts and there’s likelihood of PTA getting probed and shamed publicly for their incompetency, and blanket banning everything they don’t understand.

  5. Im actually happy that they banned PUBG, a few days ago i went to a shop and the cashier sitting there kept on ignoring me just to finish his game, I asked him for a few eggs, that fucker walked looking at the phone while playing his shit ass game. He even broke two eggs while putting them in the bag just because he was about to “lose”.

  6. To anyone thinking that they’ll just use VPN’s here’s the PTA’s response to this.

    “The equipment, which is worth $18.5m, is provided by Canada-based company Sandvine. The web monitoring system will use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to monitor communications, measure and record traffic on behalf of the PTA.

    “This system will facilitate in the identification and eradication of grey traffic causing huge loss to the national exchequer, and internet content management as mandated under Clause 37 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016,” the authority said in a press release in October last year.”

    “The PTA can block VPN traffic by analysing the country’s traffic, flagging traffic that looks potentially VPN-like, and then breaking that connection,” said Amin Shah Gilani, former interim chief technology officer of Patari.

    Sandvine, according to Mr Gilani, uses a mix of techniques to identify the type of traffic flowing through the system. This includes looking for patterns in the individual chunks of data as they pass through the system, observing the behaviour of a citizen’s traffic and matching it with previously known types of behaviours to understand what they’re doing.

    It also involves machine learning models, where a computer has been trained to identify traffic types based on past data.
    Link to article by dawn:

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