Avoid Men, follow Women..!

Avoid Men, follow Women..!

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  1. I love the lax Pakistani attitude towards not taking yourself too seriously. An intern probably came up with it, showed it to h[is/her] supervisors and they all had a good laugh, and approved the idea. In other places it would have gone throught two lawyers, one SJW and three HR reps to make sure it doesnt offend anyone. But Karen would get offended anyways.

  2. In the wake of feminism, i think the person making this wanted to go leftist by “following” women as in women leaders.
    Guess people would have thumbed this up had a white party put this up. “Oh how funny?”

  3. I would be very careful about stuff like this. You guys in Pakistan have no idea how bad it is I Europe:



    This is the start of something called gamma bias and it will turn out badly in the end

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